Friday, 28 March 2014

A trip to Varanasi

A fabulous trip has just begun.

22: booked a cab the previous morning to airport. It arrived at 8 and set towards ccu in air. Reached Calcutta and checked into VL by 1600

23: Boarded Udayan Abha Toofan Express (scheduled to leave at 0935 but was rescheduled to 1430) and reached Mughal Sarai in the dawn 0500, next day.

24: Rode a 7 seater to Varanasi. (Rs 30 per person) Checked in hotel at 0600. Had a regular thali of Rs 50 each and set to D Ghat. The rickshaw took Rs 40 and was one of the talented breeds made for driving. Strolled for hours before boating back to point of origin. The boatman had his share of Rs 150. Had tea in evening which is unparalleled of its kind. Walked towards Benia bagh and boarded auto Rs 30. Had Rabri and curd as dinner. Watched Rocky 5 in hotel and fell asleep.

25: Woke up late at around 1400. We planned to have a breakfast of Milk with malai. But unfortunately that never happened subsequently. Directly went towards Dashashwamedh ghat and had 'big lassi', Onion and Potato paratha. Kejriwal had come and thus due to traffic restrictions,  the rickshaw puller took 50. Went to the ghat and negotiated with a boatman who agreed to cross the River in Rs 200 and wait for 30 minutes. Rode and raced on a sweet horse named Raju. Rs 130. Took selfies with a cow. Bought *kumramithai* Sat on Sheetal ghat watching Buddhist or hindu monks getting massaged by ppl while calling AD whether she was interested in Benaras sarees manufactured by Govt. While returning D had mousambee juice, and Lassi. Bought Malai Rabri for the next morning.

26: Had the malai rabri as breakfast. Checked out by 0600 to avoid being billed for the day. Went to Mughal Sarai and kept our AT trolley at cloak room. It's discovery was a Herculean task. Boarded an auto to Lanka/BHU and got down at Ramnagar fort. By 1200, the tour was completed. We lunched at IRCTC. And kept on renewing platform tickets keeping in mind the stringent checking and time limit. Bought a cycle chain as souvenir. As decided we were slated to have some lassi before boarding the train and couldn't get any nearby. D's new ATM card with a chip was not recognized in the naive machines. Ran us into deep trouble before I realized I had reserve money. The train arrived at 2010 and we reached Calcutta by 1400, the next day.

27: Had Pepsi, IRCTC lunch of matar paneer. D was about to get his pocket picked of the n8000. Checked in at 1500. Mom had come with new cloths. Had paneer paratha and a roti with palak paneer. Packed Jeera rice and Kadhai paneer for D. Unfortunately he was ill and I had to gobble half of it. Watched V Gumrah and then slept by 0230

28: Had the shower of my lifetime. Eventually caught cold. Mom arrived with Chilli paneer, Fried rice, Biryani,... and Khus sherbat. Had lassi and bought tinned syrup cottage cheese. The food was wasted save the Biryani. Reached airport on time while D was in panic over being missing the flight. Heart in mouth moment when I dropped my lenovo in airport,  but grateful its working. Took cab to home.

And finally it's the end of the memorable week. Will attend college purportedly from Tuesday. Till then rest. I got a sore throat owing to the magnificent shower earlier this morning.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Ides of March

Ides of March. Three long years have passed by.

My world has changed since then. But the same set of emotions persist.
I didn't get rid of my expectations.

What a feeling. Nostalgic.

BTW welcome me to the second semester :D

Monday, 10 March 2014

In the midst of 1st semester exams.

English, history and political science cruised by with much hustle. The BA part is complete with these three.
Due to circumstances and reasons beyond my capacity, which i myself don't understand, i end up starting the study exactly the same day, the exam is. 12am to nearly 5:30-6:00am seems to be a small smudge of time. Yet i get a vague idea of what to write.

Wrote history and political science 19 pages each. I dont know about the marks i will fetch considering the herculean amount of pages others write. People even took additional to write, which meant roughly around 33 pages. 33 in 180 minutes. It's a race. Today i struggled to complete the 19 pages owing to time. Confident that i will pass, and the experiment of writing to the point as i used to write in icse and 12th in osmania will pay off without much consequences, save the #izzat# factor which diminishes as you score a lower digit. Directly proportional to marks. May i thrive in the coming semesters.

Two subjects of legal studies remain. History of courts and Legal Language.

I know a naught in HOC and i confess of writing the answers in bus ticket during the internals. This is Semester exam and i wont dare that. :/

Hoping for the best.