Saturday, 6 December 2014

A trip to Delhi/Kalka-Simla

Firstly let me recollect the number of states I traveled in the week long stretch.

17/11-03/12 total


Telangana-Andhra Pradesh-Orissa-West Bengal-Bihar-Uttar Pradesh-Delhi-Haryana-HP. And then Reverse.

We boarded the SDAH NDLS Duronto on 19th Nov. & reached by 1330 on 20/11. (2hrs late) In delhi stopped at Arakshn Road and Qutb road both at Paharganj nearby to NDLS.) 

First day in delhi, just roamed about and on second day did a comprehensive city tour.

Our train to Kalka was from Delhi Sarai Rohilla at 0530 on 23/11. HIMALAYAN QUEEN 14095. Boarded an auto from the hotel at Qutb Road, ~0400 and went to DEE in the dead of night cruising, spine chilling cold along the deserted streets of our capital.
Finally we boarded the HQ towards Kalka after waiting an hour or so and passed along some famous cities like Panipat, Ambala, Kurushetra, Chandigarh.

The Himalayan Queen reached Kalka at right time 1110. Crossed the platform to find another Himalayan Queen, a narrow guage toy train towards Simla waiting on platform 06. The narrow guage train route is a UNESCO heritage. And apart from the scenery and innumerable tunnels, its utter boring. To view the valley, one must be seated on the RIGHT of the train.

By the time we reached Simla it was pretty dusk. We boarded Gulmarg Regency, beside the artrac... Indian Army installation. Simla is a utter boring place with hilly roads where no cars play. :/
Taxi takes 100 INR per KM. And sightseeing is useless unless u go to Adventure park and Nature park zoo by car and Kufri riding on a horse back (390INR) Did rope climbing, bungee jumping, and some other entertaining 'adventures'
The temperature in Simla is fatal. Sub 0. I got a BODYWARMER set and that seemed to be a hoax. The cold is unbearable and unbelievable. Almost passed out with high fever crying and lamenting both the nights I was in Simla.

We returned to Old Delhi station on Shivalik Deluxe (to Kalka) and Howrah Kalka Mail which arrived in dawn 0630, 26/11. We reached NDLS from Old Delhi station through a passenger train. Deposited the luggage at platform 01, cloak room and set out to explore the red fort which we went on 21 night and found that only some light show was going on. 753 Bus connects NDLS with Redfort /Jama Masjid or an auto takes 40-50InR

After setting out from redfort, had Tandoori Chicken at NDLS and boarded the Sdah Rajdhani which arrived on 27/11.

Boarded East Coast on 02/12 and reached 03/12 @ 2030.

My internal exams are from 11/12 and semester from 5/01 till the end of the month.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Fall from Activa

Was taking a turn and the sand on the road made the rear tyre skid. Bruised my right palm badly. Got it cleaned at Mahavir hospital. TT injected.

Worried how  my tour will proceed eith a bruised hand.
This is the first time I fell on my own apart from that brakeless splendor on Dec 24, 2013.



Next on 04/10/2015??? These paranoid questions give birth to superstitions.

Went to Govt. Primary school near laxmi nagar colony, saidabad for helping children on Nehru's birthday,  which India observes Children's day.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014