Monday, 1 September 2014

First year CONQUERED; My first beer.

Done with my first year of the 5 year BALLB

Also smoked 'hookah' with friends in snooker club and drank half a bottle of Budweiser with Sathish.  Returned home at 9 after finishing the exam at 3:30. :P

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Law of torts.

Wrote 15 pages in total. Attempted all and its really creepy to see people writing 35 pages. Comeon. I studied from 2am to 7am. Yeah. Ante Meridium.

Not more than 15 hours remain for my Consumer Protection act 1986 exam. Practically the last exam is tomorrow because english is something you don't pay heed to.

But in the first 2 semesters, we have practically studied 4 subjects disregarding english. The next 8 semesters will offer 5 each. Arrrgggg.

Its 2300 (11pm now) and thinking to start readin the CP act.

Aparni's Birthday

Aparni turns 70 today. Born in 1944. (/or 1946 as per 10th certificate,... whatever.)

Wow. Seven Zero. Apparently she was 50 when I was born.

More 2 months minus 2 days for my 20th birthday. ;)