Thursday, 28 May 2015

Angrez 2

Watched Angrez 2 at Sapna 35mm with Ibrahim and Saqib. Great comedy, but nowhere near its first sequel.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Finally, I am a 40% Lawyer.

Even though a screwed contracts 2 exam, the 4th sem has concluded. Will feel great if I get 60% (300/600) Had lunch beside BSNL bhavan with friends.

This semester onwards will TRY to do away with the syllabus on a weekly basis. Daily is too mainstream. Monthly would have been right. But still that push for inspiration.

Met with Saqib today and planned to watch angrez 2 tomorrow. Finally the holidays have begun.

Have my CS FP exam on 6th and 7th June. 4 subjects and an impossible task lays forward to clear it. Back of my mind, I think I can,... but practically its a Herculean task. (Esp the dedication required to nail it by studying the remaining week WITH AN AVERAGE OF 7 CHAPTERS A DAY!)

The center is Stanley Engg clg. @ Abids. Have to get my ICSI ID card attested by the principal. Will do that next monday or tuesday.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Mad Max 3D

Went to watch Mad Max 3D @ Imax. Awesome action.

Gearin up for Contracts 2 on Saturday. Extremely hard. And then Muslim law on tuesday to wrap up the semester.

Meanwhile wrote 24 pages in environmental studies. Hope thats enough. With that all my arts subjects have been done and dusted.

Practically I am now a Bachelor of Arts.

All the remaining subjects in the course are regardig law.