Saturday, 20 September 2014

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Tribute to 9/11

The horrendous day is 13 years back. Then Al Qaeda, Now ISIS. America doesn't go all offensive simply to create and preserve the tense situation, from whivh it benefits. ISIS beheads americans, british, broadcasts it,... yet there is no solid stance on the Terrorists.

Meanwhile Decided to abandon the replacement of Nokia XL due to its backlight bleeding. Flipkart is scum. They promised to clarify withing 2 days on September 08 and even today the issue remains unattended. Their replacement and refund policy is a hoax. 6 days gone with an email intimation to all they do is assuse. But the thing doesn't get done. Never.

Updated the XL and installed the apps,... X 1.2 platform is as wierd as 1.0. So is fastlane. Feels like a feature phone rather than a smartphone. X doesn't support most of the Google applications. (Even blogger. I have to use email, in case to update.)
Having used windows phone in developer preview, I was already getting the best of WP 8.1. Meanwhile the X platform feels pseudo windows only basing on the metro interface and pseudo Asha from the wierd unnecessary fastlane.

Overall, XL can load most of the applications available for android 4.x.x.x and its huge screen feels premium. (Forget the backlight bleeding on an IPS LCD)

My Activa has just crossed the 600 km barrier. More 3 days for me to board my train to Kolkata.

I board East Coast Express on 18 September and return to Hyderabad on 16 October. (Boarding on 15 Oct. via the same fro train)

Some Meetings, getting rid of my Lumia, a juicer, a coffee maker from CsD and good food are on my agenda.